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1. Do I get my own meat back?
YES! We keep everyone's game separate and we do not ever mix. This is also why we have minimums for our smoked product. 
2. Can I hang my game and bring it to you when I think it is ready to cut?
NO! We ask that your game be brought in as soon as possible. We stick to a strict schedule so we need to know ahead of time what we have to process. 
3. Can I bring in my wild game to have you gut it and skin it?
No. To properly handle your game, the guts need to be removed immediately in the field and the hide off as soon as possible. The hide will hold heat in and you want your game cooling as soon as possible. 



1. How long will my beef hang?

We specialize in dry-aging so all beef will get as close to 21 days as the carcass will allow. If the beef does not have enough finish due to illness, low weight, etc, we will cut it sooner. 

2. Can I request to not let it hang that long?

No. At this time we only have one cooler so we are unable to keep them separate

3. How much hamburger will I get out of a beef?

It really depends on your cut sheet. Just for reference though, if you choose to take all of your steaks, roasts, stew meat, soup bones, etc, you will still get about a 50% return of hamburger. So don't feel like you have to sacrifice your steaks or roasts to get hamburger!

4. I really do not eat that much burger, is there something else I can do?

Absolutely! We have a lot of different options for you if you do not want that much burger and they include making more stew meat, turning the burger into breakfast sausage or Italian sausage, or we have a big selection of smoked products we can make for you like pepperoni sticks or summer sausage! 


1. Do I need to schedule a time to pickup my order

No. Pickups can be made any time during our regular office hours. 

2. What form of payment do you take?

We take cash, check, or card. 

3. Do I need to bring coolers to pick up my order?

You can! Or....plastic totes work great and we also have boxes available here. There are times in the year where we may be low on boxes so if you do not have a cooler or tote, just check in with us. 

4. How do I know when my order is ready?

We always give everyone a call once their whole order is wrapped, frozen, and ready for pickup. 

5. Are your charges based on live weight?

No. Cut and wrap fees are based off of the hang weight. 

6. How do I know my total?

When we call you to tell you your order is ready, we will have a total available for you.

7. How much notice do I have to give to get on your schedule?

This varies throughout the year. During late summer/fall/ winter, we are generally booked out at least 3+ months. We suggest that as soon as you get your livestock, start figuring out the estimated finish date and give us a call ASAP. 

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